Edwin Choy, PCC

Co-Founder, Centre for Fathering

EDWIN CHOY is a certified Master Solution Focused Practitioner and ICF Coach (PCC).  He co-founded Centre for Fathering Singapore in 2000 which won the best new initiative award given by National Volunteer and Philanthropic Centre then.  Centre for Fathering has since grown into a national fathering organisation impacting families nation-wide through its services in many schools, maternity hospitals, corporations and even Singapore Prison Services.

Edwin has been coaching fathers and parents for more than 20 years.  Through his numerous training for fathers, parents and couples, many sought him out for personal coaching through the years.

Edwin has also been travelling around Asia to help Asian countries set up their fathering services in the hope that families will be strengthen when fathers become involved with their children as nurturers.  He has been to East & West Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China and Mongolia to train trainers for fathering programme.  The founders of Better Dads Malaysia, a national fathering initiative based in KL, are also trained by Edwin before their founding.  He already has invitations to Cambodia, Indonesia, India and different cities in China for fathering training. 

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