Soffian Amin

Chief Programmes Officer, HRD Corp

An Electric and Electronics Engineering graduate with more than 25 years working experience mainly in operations. 

Currently heading the Programmes division of HRD Corp and working closely with the nation builders of the country, Soffian is responsible for the quality and effectiveness of all training delivered via the HRD Corp levy schemes. This includes safeguarding the governance and compliance of these trainings as well as other human capital development initiatives utilising the HRDCorp levy. At the same time, Soffian continues to monitor the training and development ecosystem in Malaysia to ensure that HRD Corp supports trends and developments in that space. 

Some notable projects that Soffian spearheaded over the years at HRDCorp include: 

  • The development and implementation of the Trainers’ Development Framework which looks into safeguarding the quality of trainers in the country through the promotion of continuous professional development. 
  • The High Performing Trainers’ and Training Providers’ bootcamps which addresses basic competencies in the training industry.
    The National Training Week, unprecedented event in Malaysia which promotes the importance of lifelong learning to all Malaysians via a week long fiesta of learning and development.
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