Sylvia Tan, ACC

Corporate Facilitator, Life Alignment Coach

Sylvia is passionate and always curious. The quest for how to harness and raise human potential has led her to Coaching.

Her background is in the Corporate Public Relations sector where she spent over a decade managing and implementing effective communications strategies, reputation management strategies, issue management and crisis communication in both corporate enterprises and non-profit organisations locally and internationally.

As a Coach, Sylvia sees herself as an essential, value-added resource for those who want to unleash their inner potential and level up in life. Sylvia has coached professionals of various nationalities from a variety of industries such as technology, manufacturing, financial investment,
and education. She combines facilitation and a conversational approach that focuses on active listening and asking powerful questions to help her clients become aware of answers they already have inside themselves. This style of engagement allows for an unveiling of ‘inner greatness’ that becomes a powerful resource for personal excellence.

As a Corporate Facilitator, Sylvia is passionate about helping companies create strategic approaches to organisational development and change, including developing desired skills in a corporate setting, leadership transformation, setting and meeting goals, improving performance and customer service, work ethics, and internal communication and conflict resolution workshops. Her extensive experience of strategic counselling in corporate organisations gives her a deep understanding of the challenges they face, and valuable insight into navigating growth opportunities for both individuals and organisations.

Sylvia’s USP is her ability to inspire and uplift those around her. Her clients say she is easy to talk to and fun to work with, she is authentic, and she coaches from her heart. Her ability to coach in English and Chinese, her Corporate PR Success, a HRDF certified Trainer and her extensive qualifications (ICF Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coaching, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner), ensures that Sylvia can help both individuals and companies achieve their personal life success and corporate results.

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