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A Holistic Approach to Mentor Coaching

02 November 2023, Thursday, 0830PM

At the core of coaching is the commitment to support the development of the whole person. Coaches also need to have the space to look at the synchronicity of all aspects of who they are, regardless of how directly it influences their practices. This integrative approach gives coaches the opportunity to see themselves not only as professionals but as a whole individual whose all parts are interconnected and where business, personal, and professional skills development are all viewed through a unified lens. 

In this workshop we will discuss this essential process of integrating all aspects of human development as we strive for coaching mastery.

Elias Scultori, MCC

ICF Official Certification Assessor, Registered Mentor Coach

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StoryJacking: A Leadership Primer

03 November 2023, Friday, 1000 AM

As a leader, have you ever been caught up in the surface-level dynamics of your team or organization? Are you curious about the underlying beliefs and narratives that drive actions and results?

Many people focus on “bottom lining” stories and miss the opportunity to help unpack the deep beliefs below the surface. Our stories are the doorway to deeper awareness. Stories come on a spectrum from Snapshot Stories, “I am not good enough.” “I can’t handle this.” “No one cares what I have to say.” All the way to the deeply woven and unconsciously integrated stories that affect how we look at the world and our place in it. 

What would be possible for you, your friends, peers, or clients if you could assess the difference between what is interesting and what is important in the stories they tell? How might you explore the internal narratives and help unpack the deeper issues at play? 

Understanding and leveraging these narratives can be a game-changer in leading more effectively and with a deeper understanding of how to get curious. 

Lyssa deHart, MCC

Author, Educator, Coach

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09 & 10NOV



Culture Work:
Transforming micro-conversations with coaching to curate preferred futures

09 November 2023, Thursday, 0400 PM

Culture, often perceived as a vast and intangible force, is fundamentally crafted through the accumulation of micro-conversations that occur in the corridors, boardrooms, and virtual spaces of our organizations. Each interaction, no matter how brief or seemingly inconsequential, contributes to the broader tapestry of organizational identity and values. 

In this session, we explore the transformative realm of “Culture Work” through highly interactive exchanges in session. Here, we underscore how coaching, as an intentional dialogue, has the unique power to shape these micro-conversations towards preferred futures of people at work. By utilizing the DOQ (Dialogic Orientation Quadrant), an original framework by Dr. Haesun Moon, we will make these often-invisible conversations both visible and workable. 

Drawing from compelling research and rich case studies, we will learn together how we can curate preferred stories of purpose, possibilities, and progress of individuals and teams, transforming the very foundations of how culture is shaped and experienced.

Dr. Haesun Moon

Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

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From Executive Coaching to
Executive Co-Creative Partnership

09 November 2023, Thursday, 0900 PM

During this session, Karl Van Hoey will share from his rich experience how to both deepen and expand a “coaching” relationship into a true, sustainable and often long term co-creative partnership. In such partnership both coach and client “transcend” the pure transactional coaching relationship by building it into a relation that is much more about co-creation in between two human beings.

Karl Van Hoey, MCC, ACTC

Coaching Practice Leader

Zoom Manager,
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