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Future of Work Culture & Social Impact

Welcome & Opening

0900 AM

Welcome Address by Ken Ng, PCC

ICF Malaysia President

Opening Speech by
YBhg. Datuk Wira
Shahul Dawood

Chief Executive of HRD Corp

Opening Session

Coaching - Quo Vadis?(Where are you going?)

1000 AM

The coaching profession is plagued by the charlatan problem: “coaches” are selling multi level marketing schemes, promise clients health and wealth in no time for a huge fee or even exploit clients in cult-like organizations. As the Instagram coaching brigade is growing, shouts for a “professionalisation” are getting louder. 

ICF, EMCC, AC and many other local organizations have heard the cry and are offering coaches a path to demonstrate their level of professionalism and buyers of coaching security of hiring a “professional” coach. The three organizations are following different routes to fulfil the needs of coaches and buyers of coaching. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages for the profession and it is still unclear where the journey will end.  In this keynote, you will learn about the different approaches, the advantages and drawbacks of each approach and finally, what you can do as a coach and as a buyer of coaching to deal with the resulting complexity. You will be inspired to reflect on how you demonstrate the quality of your coaching and plan next steps for your future development as a “professional” coach and buyer of “professional” coaches.

Kirsten Dierolf, MCC

Executive Coach & Author

Keynote Session


Coaching Ecosystem

1125 AM

Dato’ Loy
Teik Ngan

Executive Chairman of Taylor's Education Group (TEG)


Lecturer and Entrepreneur in Residence, INSEAD

Jihane Labib MCC, ACTC

ICF Professional Coaches Global Board Director


Chief Programmes Officer, HRD Corp

Moderated by,
Pn Sri Maimon Arif

Co-Founder Senior Advisor Elevate for Impact

Panel Discussion


Navigating Practice with AI:
Insights, Decisions, and Strategies for Coaches

0130 PM

Explore the dynamic intersection of coaching and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Uncover how AI is revolutionizing coaching practices, providing coaches with powerful insights, informed decision-making, and strategic enhancements. In this engaging session, we will also showcase live demos of AI tools that amplify coaching strategies. 

Al Falaq Arsendatama, MCC

Founder of Coaching Indonesia and Visecoach

Keynote Session
0230 PM
Showcase #1:
“Create a Dynamic Coaching Culture in your Workplace Today!” – a 45-min showcase to Bring Out Your People’s Best

Is your Organization Coach Ready? While many in the workplace think that they are coaching and may even regard themselves as coaches—the truth of the matter is, they are probably not coaching.
They may be leading, mentoring, managing and motivating their people towards their organizational vision, mission, goals and plans. A Coaching Culture within an organisation is a culture where not only formal coaching occurs but also where coaching becomes a language and lifestyle—as a means of influencing and connecting with each other.
Discover how ready your organization is, to embark on a journey of embedding and sustaining Coaching in this 45-min showcase brought to you by Catalyst Coach.

Mel Leow, MCC

Catalyst Coach

Showcase #2:
The Art of The Question​

One of the fundamentals in the ICF model for coaching is giving the client agency to take the lead in the coaching session. In other professions there is a tendency for the conversation to be led by the professional, who is regarded as the expert. It goes without saying that the ICF credentialed coach faces a very different challenge in the Art of the Question. Each question must have the effect of granting the client full freedom to explore, while achieving the result that the client wants.
Whether you are an aspiring coach or a client on the lookout for a coach properly schooled in the Art, know that the Ontological, Mindful and Ecological (OME) method offered by Ideal Coaching Global is designed to groom coaches in the Art of the Question.

Koh Kek Hoe, KH

Ideal Coaching Global, Malaysia

Partners Showcases


Shaping the Region through Coaching

0340 PM

M Nur Fannie Prasetyo, PCC

President of
ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter

Czarina B. Teves, CALC

President of ICF Philippines Charter Chapter

Dr. Nijira Bumroonggit,

President of
ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter

Moderated by,
Kenneth Chai,

ICF Foundation Ambassador & ListCo Director

Panel Discussion




0830 AM: Registration

Future-Proof Leaders and Purposeful Living

Building Your Brand Presence

0900 AM

In this talk, we explore the importance of brand presence for coaches and how it can shape their success in the highly competitive coaching industry. Our speaker will share valuable insights and strategies to help coaches establish a distinctive brand presence, effectively communicate their unique value proposition, and build a strong reputation to attract and retain clients.

Freda will share the significance of brand presence as the sum total of a coach’s reputation, visibility, and perceived value within their target audience.  Topics covered identifying and creating a powerful and personal brand, navigating the digital landscape and continuous brand development.

She will also share techniques on how to establish thought leadership in building a strong coaching brand presence and tips to enhance visibility through content creation, sharing insights, participating in speaking engagements, and networking.

Freda Liu

Broadcast Presenter / Author / Adjunct Professor

Keynote Session

Hopeful Conversations with Parents & Couples

1000 AM

Parenting and marital relationships are intricately connected.  Parents with a strong marital relationship can feel mutually supported when they go through challenges in parenting.  However, marital relationships can often be stressed by challenges of parenting too.

This session is about how coaches can have a hopeful coaching conversations with parents and couples such they can co-create an optimistic vision of what they want and can generate their own effective solutions.

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience working with fathers, parents and couples as Co-founder of Centre for Fathering Singapore,  the speaker will share helpful insights on how the solution focused coaching approach can help parents and couples appreciate the success they already achieved and be able to co-create small steps to further progress towards their future perfect in their parenting and relationships.  

Special focus will be given to coaching parents of teenagers who are perhaps the most stressed lot, not because they are weak parents but because of the stage in life of their teenagers.  It is at this stage that solution focused coaching becomes a useful hopeful language that helps both the parents and the teenagers or young adults thrive.

Edwin Choy, PCC

Co-Founder, Centre for Fathering

Exploring Self Through a Polarity Lens: An Experiential Journey into Self-Development and Coaching

1000 AM

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, polarized, and uncertain, understanding the dualities that exist within us and our environments is crucial. The talk “Exploring Self Through a Polarity Lens” takes attendees on an experiential journey that delves into the key principles of polarity thinking, reframing our connection with our inner selves. This illuminating session not only offers powerful insights for personal development but also presents an invaluable framework for coaches and leaders who are seeking novel ways to unlock human potential. 

Experience Elements:

  • Interactive Exercises: Engaging activities that allow attendees to experience polarity thinking in real-time, transforming theoretical knowledge into practical wisdom.
  • Case Studies: Real-world examples demonstrating the impact of polarity thinking in both personal development and coaching scenarios.
  • Q&A Session: An open forum to answer questions, addressing specific scenarios and discussing the applicability of polarity thinking across different life contexts.

Michael Bertrand, PCC

Executive & Development Coach

Hosted by, Jasbir Kaur Sadu Singh

JASBIR KAUR, also known as JAS, is a seasoned independent trainer and facilitator, with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. She has conducted dynamic training sessions for both small and large groups, demonstrating her adeptness in catering to diverse industries throughout her career.

Speakers Sessions


Life Coaching

1125 AM

Sylvia Tan, ACC

Corporate Facilitator,
Life Alignment Coach

Barry Ong, ACC

Executive Leadership and Life Coach

Rosalyn Tan, PCC

Grief and End of Life Coach | ICF-PCC | Pastoral Counsellor and Coach-Supervisor

Moderated by,
Anna Zhukova

Digital Drilling Hub Manager at SLB

Panel Discussion


Live Coaching Demo

0130 PM

2 “Live” Coaching Demos on Stage:
“With or Without Tools”

For the first time, you will be witnessing 2 “Live” Coaching Demos; One without the usage of tools (25 mins) and the next with a tool called the FLOW5 C.O.A.C.H Cards (25 mins).
After the 2 Coaching Demos, everyone is encouraged to Pair-Up and Share their Insights and Learnings (10 mins Break-out). We will close with Direct Feedback from the Coachee, Selected Observers and a brief Q&A Session (15 mins).
Come and experience the richness of insights through these 2 “Live” Coaching Demos, with a beautiful and brave volunteer from the ICF Malaysia Chapter.

Mel Leow, MCC

Coach || Speaker || ICF Assessor & Mentor || Author of ENGAGE

Coaching on Stage

The Gold Standard of Professional Coaching

0230 PM

Minji Oh

Regional Development Manager for Asia Pacific at International Coaching Federation

Grace Lee, PCC​

Leadership Coach / Coach Supervisor /
PLC Independent Director

This session will uncover the crucial truth within the coaching landscape and reveal what separates true professionals from the rest.

For anyone seeking to make informed, impactful decisions in starting a coaching career or the hiring of coaches, this session will be your compass in the complex coaching landscape. We will delve into the importance of credentials & standards and provide practical tips for making informed decisions.

ICF Showcases


Shaping the Future through Coaching

0340 PM

Rosarii Mannion, PCC

ICF Professional Coaches Global Board Chair ​

George Ang

Director & Main Shareholder, Eng Food Holdings Pte Ltd

Loganathan a/l Balakrishnan

Chief Human Resources Officer, Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd

Ken Ng,

ICF Malaysia Charter Chapter President

Moderated by,
Sharifah Raudhah
Syed Ismail, PCC

Executive Coach for INSEAD

Panel Discussion Session


0440 PM

ICS 2023 Closing Speech by
Kareen Woo, ACC

ICS 2023 Organising Chair &
Vice President, ICF Malaysia

Closing Session


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